An exclusive special school for children with

Autism Spectrum Disorders and associated difficulties

Feedback from Parents:

My daughter has been in ASHA INTEGRATED SCHOOL since June 2009.She was diagnosed with ASD when she was 21/2 years and has been undergoing intervention ever since.For the first time in 3 1/2 years and in between 5 centres and school she has accepted this school.ASHA has done wonders for her.She has developed a sense of identity and independence.She now considers herself as an individual and not merely an extension of me-her mother.School is now her "Happy place".

Her progress as ASHA INTEGRATED SCHOOL is consistent and am ever grateful to all the staff and members of the ASHA team for their unconditional love,support and encouragement and look forward to the same in the future.

Parent (wishes to remain anonymous)

This is to share the positive transition Aakash has had in the last two months, after he joined Asha,and I  also seek your support.  To our awe and surprise,Aakash has had tremendous improvement in logical thinking,the way he manages himself and communicates.He is able to infer mechanical logic like opening and closing the door,inserting the laptop plugin wire by feeling for the groove ,finding his  way to a place by different doors within the house,playing hide and seek.Earlier he had trouble walking back home from school,now he enjoys his walks.His communication has improved,he is now trying to verbalise all his requests(earlier he would shout meaninglessly).There are occasional tantrums but they are almost like a normal kid getting frustrated.    I think he enjoys schooling with Asha,the warm welcome the staff gives says it all.

"Thanks for your ongoing support, Warm regards"

Premkumar T





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